Clos Mogador

Clos Mogador is named after the single vineyard that René Barbier, the pioneer wine producer in Priorat, started to cultivate in the 1979 in the now-famous wine village of Gratallops, Catalonia. (And in 1999, Clos Mogador was joined by Manyetes and the white wine, Nelin.)

One of the most interesting aspects of winemaking at Clos Mogador is the fact that René presses the grape using an olive press, which has the effect of only extracting half of the amount of juice that a typical wine press would, making the wine 50% more concentrated. Considering that Priorat wines are already highly concentrated, and that “normal” yields are absolutely microscopic (especially compared to other Spanish wine regions such as La Rioja), the wines of Clos Mogador are nearly elixirs. Nowadays, the wines of Clos Mogador have become as famous as other mythical wines of the world.

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