Domaine Laroche

The Laroche family have been producing Chablis since 1850. Michel Laroche, who represents the 5th generation of the winemaking family, joined the company in 1967.

The vines from the Domaine Laroche are spread out across all the denominations of the Chablisian vineyards and benefit from the Kimmeridgian soil to produce fine, mineral, precise, refreshing and elegant wines.

In recent years, Michel has passed over control of Laroche to current president Thierry Bellicaud, under the ownership of the Advini group. Today, Laroche is managed by an incredibly talented team, including winemaker Grégory Viennois and cellar master Stephane Barras. Their expertise and dedication to understanding their terroirs shines though in the range of wines, which are always supple, gently creamy and never green. Laroche’s calling card is producing wines that clearly show a sense of place and that quintessential minerality, whilst offering more fruit and body than typically austere young Chablis.

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